We are colour

When you land on the Rainbow Dust Colours website, you are greeted with an enchanting quote from Peter Pan about fairy dust.

This month, we are shining the Bailprint spotlight on this brilliantly successful company with its own story to tell.


Rainbow Dust Colours are manufacturers of sugarcraft and cake decorating products selling to small and large retailers around the world.

The venture started as a partnership between a mother Carol Brown who made and sold cakes locally and her son Gary, a graphic artist. Both were frustrated by the lack of quality and imagination in the cake decorations available, so they teamed up. This was just eight years ago and now Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd employs 30 people and is a world leader with a 50% UK – 50% export market.

Essential ingredients

Based in Preston, Rainbow Colours prefer to use local suppliers where possible. When it comes to their label supply, however, purchasing manager Chris Hough is clear. The location of their label printer is secondary to the all essential ingredients of price, quality and delivery.


The fact that Bailprint happens to be local is just the icing on the cake!

Ironically for Bailprint, the label and packaging challenge for our most colourful client doesn’t relate to colour.

It’s all about the small size of the product and the amount of information including mandatories required.


To showcase the product in all its glittering splendour requires a quality of label design with almost understated sophistication. We have been working with Rainbow Dust for five years and we enjoy the subtle complexities of the job.

As you may remember from our 21st Birthday celebrations, we’re partial to anything cake-related at Bailprint, so we like to go the extra mile for Rainbow Dust.

Talking of challenges and extra miles…

Over the last few weeks, in between cheering up the world and its cakes, the Rainbow Dust team have been embracing a very different challenge. The Yorkshire Three Peaks.

That’s three peaks, 25 miles, in less than 12 hours. Almost half of the company’s staff are taking part with ages ranging from 21 years to 50 something. When asked what the target was for the day, Chris confirmed ‘Just to get round in one piece’.

Modesty aside, the team have been in training and their motivation is to support their local charity St Catherine’s Hospice.

Are rainbows like buses?

Now we recognise last month’s Bailmail was also a rainbow-tinted, sponsorship-hinting story. On that note, we’re delighted to report Stacy completed the challenge to support Rainbow House with her family. Thank you for your help with that one.

So, like buses another has come along in quick succession. This time it’s Rainbow Dust Colours and their fundraising to support St. Catherine’s Hospice.

If you can help, please just follow the Just Giving link.

The end of the rainbow

We’ve now reached the end of the rainbow, well rainbow-related stories… at least for the time being!

So if you’d like Bailprint to showcase your company and/or go the extra mile on your next print job, please contact us.

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