The Night Printer

bailprint night printer
As darkness descends over Chorley North Industrial Park all is quiet, except for the occasional bark of the urban fox patrolling amongst the shadows of the buildings.

But if you really listen, you can hear a gentle rhythmic clatter from behind the closed doors of Unit 6.



Open the shutters and the bright lights reveal Bailprint’s FA4 Nilpeter in full flow! This nine colour state-of-the-art label press is under the watchful eye of the Night Printer; aka Diddy (Paul Draper, PD, hence Diddy)!

Diddy has worked at Bailprint for eleven years and he moved to the night shift six years ago. From Monday to Thursday, his working ‘day’ starts at 10pm and he prints through the night until 6am. On Fridays, it’s 6pm to midnight.


bailprint night owlEssential extra capacity

With his team of fellow night owls Fabian Blackburn and Gavin Miller, Diddy keeps the presses running and the labels printing.

This essential extra capacity enables Bailprint to keep production levels high, responding to the growing demand for their quality labels and flexible packaging.

For Diddy, the best bit about being the Night Printer is the precious family time it gives him.  He’s able pick up the kids from school and spend time with them. The hardest bit can be sleeping, especially during the summer months.  All in all, however, being the Bailprint Night Printer suits Diddy just fine.

Flexible production

Customer-led not production-led – unlike the majority of printers, Bailprint’s production and delivery schedules are determined by the customer. As a result, we enjoy taking care of and keeping customers, always looking out for new ways to improve our products and services.

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