Taking off in high spirits

Spitfire Heritage Gin and BailprintWhen a client asks Bailprint to help with a new product we can get very excited.

When that product is a hand crafted premium British gin destined for the most sought after shelf space, it’s news we just have to share.


AND we’ve a bottle or two to share with you too this month with a special Bailprint prize draw. After all, as the folk at Spitfire Heritage Gin would say, “It’s six o’clock somewhere in the world!”

Not a gin fan? Then still read on as the story of Spitfire Heritage Gin will capture your imagination. It’s a story of feisty young women, British craftsmanship past and present all served up with a distinctly patriotic sense of humour and some quite stunning artwork!

A happy accident

When Ian Hewitt just popped into Bailprint a few short months ago, we had no idea who he was. He later describes the start of this new working relationship as ‘a happy accident.’

Ian had an hour to spare in Chorley and had Googled label printers. After a tour around our print floor and a chat about his new gin, the technical demands of the label and ambitious deadlines, Bailprint said yes… As you know, we too are adventurous spirits!

Bailprint MD John Hayward confirmed, “We were enthused by Ian and his vision for the brand, and we’re really happy to have been able to get the labelling just right and within the time available. And it is beautiful gin.”

Introducing Spitfire Heritage Gin,
an authentic 1930s botanical gin

It took a certain type of personality to fly a Spitfire.
Strong, intelligent, self-assured – and a little bit reckless.
That’s why women made such great Spitfire pilots.

In the roaring 20s flapper girls were all the rage:
In the 30s and 40s young ladies learned to fly.

Spitfire Heritage Gin label and BailprintSpitfire Heritage Gin, a beautiful and authentic 1930s botanical gin, celebrates the young lady pilots of the ATA who kept Britain’s airbases supplied with Spitfires, often dodging predatory German Messerschmitts in the process.

These women flew unarmed, in dangerous skies – and were known to carry a snifter of gin as part of their kit.

The Spitfire Heritage Gin launch celebration label features Bunny, the gin toting Spitfire Pilot, created by renowned aviation pin up illustrator Romain Hugault.

Brought to market by a team led by the founder of The Spitfire Heritage Trust, the gin is as authentic as its namesake.  It is already finding favour with leading quality retailers and retail suppliers.

The new spirit is one of only three single estate gins distilled in the UK.  A fusion of juniper, two types of orange, almonds and borage (for courage) alongside coriander, rosemary (for remembrance), star anise and rose petals it presents a wonderfully aromatic and refreshing drink.

Ian Hewitt sits at the helm of Spitfire Heritage Gin team,

“The Spitfire is much more than a vintage aircraft. It is a Great British icon that symbolises the coming together of all the Nations of the Commonwealth in defence of our common human values and freedoms that transcend culture, religion and gender: our freedom to live and love and drink GIN with whomsoever we choose.”

Spitfire Heritage Gin launched in May 2016 to great acclaim and with every month that goes by there’s more news about this trailblazing British brand.

Win your own bottle of Spitfire Heritage Gin

To help celebrate our successful working relationship, Ian has kindly offered us two bottles of Spitfire Heritage Gin for a special Bailprint prize draw.

To enter simply email Stacy at Bailprint with your answers to the following three questions by Fri 2 Sep and we’ll announce the two randomly selected winners in next month’s Bailmail.

  1. in what decade did the Spitfire girls start to fly?
  2. name the Spitfire Heritage Gin pilot on the celebration bottle label
  3. name one of the botanical ingredients in Spitfire heritage gin

Good luck! We look forward to hearing from you.

Spitfire Heritage Gin is available from Wine Rack stores nationwide and at www.spitfireheritagegin.com

Please email your answers by Fri 2 Sep giving us your full name.

For any further information about the prize draw, please read the Bailprint Prize Draw terms and conditions.


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