Small is beautiful

Brian Ascroft and family run Croftpak Nurseries in Tarleton, Lancashire and for as long as they’ve been pre-packing their tomatoes, Bailprint has been supplying their labels.

Croftpak grows vine-ripened tomatoes on demand and exclusively for Booths, Lancashire’s renowned high-end supermarket chain.

It was Brian’s father who established the nursery after the war, producing for local markets.  In the 1980’s they started supplying Booths, specialising in tomatoes from 1990.

“I only supply to Booths and have proudly done so for 30 years.”  Brian Ascroft

Such unwavering loyalty is rooted in a commitment to quality from both parties and the value Booths places in sourcing locally at a fair price.

This allows small growers like Croftpak to excel, producing naturally pollinated fruit to order. What goes in store tomorrow is picked today!

produce of lancashireBrian is often asked along to meet new staff at the supermarket to demonstrate the importance of supplier relationships and local provenance.

Croftpak also does tastings for customers in store.  People find it hard to believe such delicious vine-ripened tomatoes are freshly grown in Lancashire!

Bailprint to the rescue

Talking to son Peter Ascroft, the pride in the family business shines through.  It’s also great to hear from him that Croftpak’s relationship with Booths is reflected in its relationship with Bailprint.

For Peter, it’s not just about the quality of the label printing.  Croftpak uses Bailprint because ‘they’re good, responsive and straight forward’.  Peter finds Bailprint easy to deal with and knows he can rely on the service when he’s in ‘a tight squeeze.’  A good example of this was a recent and last minute request from Booths for pre-packed cherry vine tomatoes.  The decision was made on the Wednesday, Bailprint printed and supplied the labels by the Friday, so the fresh produce could be picked on Monday, for the shelves by Tuesday!

Peter also appreciated it when Bailprint MD, John Hayward, popped round to help set up Croftpak’s new labelling line.  It really does feel as though ‘nothing is too much trouble’.

Behind the scenes

A common theme running through the interconnected relationship between Croftpak, Booths and Bailprint is the importance of site visits; whether Brian’s chats in store, Peter’s Bailprint visit to see the skilled technology behind his label production or John Hayward’s tour of the nurseries to understand the nature, literally, of this valued client.

Visit Bailprint

If you’d like to see Bailprint in action, we’d love to show you round.  Just contact us to arrange a visit and/or to discuss your next label job.

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