Taking off in high spirits

Spitfire Heritage Gin and BailprintWhen a client asks Bailprint to help with a new product we can get very excited.

When that product is a hand crafted premium British gin destined for the most sought after shelf space, it’s news we just have to share.


AND we’ve a bottle or two to share with you too this month with a special Bailprint prize draw. After all, as the folk at Spitfire Heritage Gin would say, “It’s six o’clock somewhere in the world!”

Not a gin fan? Then still read on as the story of Spitfire Heritage Gin will capture your imagination. It’s a story of feisty young women, British craftsmanship past and present all served up with a distinctly patriotic sense of humour and some quite stunning artwork!

A happy accident

When Ian Hewitt just popped into Bailprint a few short months ago, we had no idea who he was. He later describes the start of this new working relationship as ‘a happy accident.’

Ian had an hour to spare in Chorley and had Googled label printers. After a tour around our print floor and a chat about his new gin, the technical demands of the label and ambitious deadlines, Bailprint said yes… As you know, we too are adventurous spirits!

Bailprint MD John Hayward confirmed, “We were enthused by Ian and his vision for the brand, and we’re really happy to have been able to get the labelling just right and within the time available. And it is beautiful gin.”

Introducing Spitfire Heritage Gin,
an authentic 1930s botanical gin

It took a certain type of personality to fly a Spitfire.
Strong, intelligent, self-assured – and a little bit reckless.
That’s why women made such great Spitfire pilots.

In the roaring 20s flapper girls were all the rage:
In the 30s and 40s young ladies learned to fly.

Spitfire Heritage Gin label and BailprintSpitfire Heritage Gin, a beautiful and authentic 1930s botanical gin, celebrates the young lady pilots of the ATA who kept Britain’s airbases supplied with Spitfires, often dodging predatory German Messerschmitts in the process.

These women flew unarmed, in dangerous skies – and were known to carry a snifter of gin as part of their kit.

The Spitfire Heritage Gin launch celebration label features Bunny, the gin toting Spitfire Pilot, created by renowned aviation pin up illustrator Romain Hugault.

Brought to market by a team led by the founder of The Spitfire Heritage Trust, the gin is as authentic as its namesake.  It is already finding favour with leading quality retailers and retail suppliers.

The new spirit is one of only three single estate gins distilled in the UK.  A fusion of juniper, two types of orange, almonds and borage (for courage) alongside coriander, rosemary (for remembrance), star anise and rose petals it presents a wonderfully aromatic and refreshing drink.

Ian Hewitt sits at the helm of Spitfire Heritage Gin team,

“The Spitfire is much more than a vintage aircraft. It is a Great British icon that symbolises the coming together of all the Nations of the Commonwealth in defence of our common human values and freedoms that transcend culture, religion and gender: our freedom to live and love and drink GIN with whomsoever we choose.”

Spitfire Heritage Gin launched in May 2016 to great acclaim and with every month that goes by there’s more news about this trailblazing British brand.

Win your own bottle of Spitfire Heritage Gin

To help celebrate our successful working relationship, Ian has kindly offered us two bottles of Spitfire Heritage Gin for a special Bailprint prize draw.

To enter simply email Stacy at Bailprint with your answers to the following three questions by Fri 2 Sep and we’ll announce the two randomly selected winners in next month’s Bailmail.

  1. in what decade did the Spitfire girls start to fly?
  2. name the Spitfire Heritage Gin pilot on the celebration bottle label
  3. name one of the botanical ingredients in Spitfire heritage gin

Good luck! We look forward to hearing from you.

Spitfire Heritage Gin is available from Wine Rack stores nationwide and at www.spitfireheritagegin.com

Please email your answers by Fri 2 Sep giving us your full name.

For any further information about the prize draw, please read the Bailprint Prize Draw terms and conditions.


Just the ticket

JNH Logo - BailprintIn June, we were down South and all at sea with Murray’s Fresh Fish. This month, we’re closer to home and back down to earth.

Kate Sparkes is a third generation brassica farmer in Hesketh Bank, working 120 acres of reclaimed marshland bordered by the rivers Ribble and Douglas.


JNH and BoothsKate was born on the farm and her father James Nicholas Hornby, hence JNH, handed over the reins to his daughter a few years ago.

Today, JNH grows and supplies cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage to a range of retailers including Booths. Or, as Kate states it,

‘We plant, we grow, we keep an eye, we harvest, we label, we supply.’

Within a minute of talking to Kate, however, it’s clear that behind this modest statement lies generations and decades of knowledge, expertise and passion. There’s sophisticated science, research, seed trials and meticulous record keeping one minute, then she’s out on the land reacting to ‘four seasons in one day’ the next.

And, it’s not just about growing vegetables! For Kate and her team, farming is more than a job.  It’s a lifestyle deeply rooted in a commitment to ensure small scale farming stays on the map and at the forefront of quality food production and supply in UK.

JNH and Bailprint – a direct connection

Bailprint has been supplying labels to JNH for over 10 years and Kate has been working directly with us for the past 5 or 6 years. Kate enjoys this more direct connection with her label supplier,

Yes, it means I have more control over the quality and timing of our ‘ticket’ supply but I also prefer the face-to-face relationship. Bailprint is just half an hour away and, although we’re all busy people, I think it’s important to have that human contact. The Bailprint team takes care of us. Always helpful and friendly, they are refreshingly straightforward and down to earth.’

JNH and Bailprint - just the ticketJust the ticket

Interested in the reference to ‘tickets’ as opposed to labels?

To illustrate this lovely connection to the generations who have gone before, Kate kindly supplied these archive images from 1970s when her grandfather James William Hornby was at the helm.

The pictures show the way fresh produce was harvested and presented using simple wooden crates with the farmer’s ticket temporarily attached.


This is a far cry from the sophisticated digital design and print technology Bailprint uses today, but we love it!

Contact Bailprint

Contact Bailprint to discuss your label requirements or even your wooden crate and ticket supply! We are here to help and make life easier.

Catch of the day

murrays fresh fish bailprint labelsOne of the great things about being Bailprint is the variety and quality of food producers and suppliers we work with around the UK, and occasionally beyond.

Our Bailmail readers enjoy this insight too with our regular Bailprint client spotlights. This latest edition is no exception.

A fisherman’s tale

This month we head south to a client whose business started from a local weekend market stall in Battersea, eight years ago. Within a year, Murray’s Fresh Fish were selling the best catch from the south coast to local restaurants and increasingly to some of the capital’s finest Michelin starred chefs.

bailprint fishermans taleTalking of which, for the fish lovers amongst you, a visit to Murray’s Fresh Fish recipes will make your mouth water!

Today, Murray’s Fresh Fish is a specialist fishmonger supplying top quality fish and seafood to many of London and the South East’s top restaurants and hotels.

Now based in Bermondsey, they wholesale and retail the finest catch direct from the coast daily. This location also enables them to source the freshest fish from all parts of the UK, rather than relying on the catch of one area like many of their competitors.

Talking to Toby Gayner at Murray’s Fresh Fish, the company’s enthusiasm is also catching!

bailprint labels fishermans tale“Our excitement working with these restaurants and the buzz around how we source our catch has resulted in us supplying a full range of species to caterers in and around London. From the start, the challenge was to maintain the quality with a wide variety of fish. That was, and still is the mission of Murray’s Fresh Fish.”

Bailprint pushes the boat out

Not surprisingly, this client requires labels that are suitable in a wet environment!  Equally, Toby and team need a responsive supplier who understands the importance of a quick turnaround.  Bailprint came highly recommended by Neve of Fleetwood, a fellow fishmonger business that has been working with Stacy and the Bailprint team for years.

“And what a great recommendation it was!” says Toby, “Bailprint is continually working with us. On a few occasions, when we’ve been running dangerously low on labels for a couple of lines, Bailprint have been able to turn around production to fit in our run, arrange a courier and have the labels to us within 48hrs from start to finish.” 

pushing the boat out with Bailprint LabelsAs you can see from this and other client spotlights over the years, Bailprint pushes the boat out when it comes to making life easier for our clients.  We understand your label supply should be the least of your concerns when your priority is your own customers.


Contact Stacy and the team to discuss your next label delivery and how Bailprint’s printing and stock control support can make your life easier too.

We are colour

When you land on the Rainbow Dust Colours website, you are greeted with an enchanting quote from Peter Pan about fairy dust.

This month, we are shining the Bailprint spotlight on this brilliantly successful company with its own story to tell.


Rainbow Dust Colours are manufacturers of sugarcraft and cake decorating products selling to small and large retailers around the world.

The venture started as a partnership between a mother Carol Brown who made and sold cakes locally and her son Gary, a graphic artist. Both were frustrated by the lack of quality and imagination in the cake decorations available, so they teamed up. This was just eight years ago and now Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd employs 30 people and is a world leader with a 50% UK – 50% export market.

Essential ingredients

Based in Preston, Rainbow Colours prefer to use local suppliers where possible. When it comes to their label supply, however, purchasing manager Chris Hough is clear. The location of their label printer is secondary to the all essential ingredients of price, quality and delivery.


The fact that Bailprint happens to be local is just the icing on the cake!

Ironically for Bailprint, the label and packaging challenge for our most colourful client doesn’t relate to colour.

It’s all about the small size of the product and the amount of information including mandatories required.


To showcase the product in all its glittering splendour requires a quality of label design with almost understated sophistication. We have been working with Rainbow Dust for five years and we enjoy the subtle complexities of the job.

As you may remember from our 21st Birthday celebrations, we’re partial to anything cake-related at Bailprint, so we like to go the extra mile for Rainbow Dust.

Talking of challenges and extra miles…

Over the last few weeks, in between cheering up the world and its cakes, the Rainbow Dust team have been embracing a very different challenge. The Yorkshire Three Peaks.

That’s three peaks, 25 miles, in less than 12 hours. Almost half of the company’s staff are taking part with ages ranging from 21 years to 50 something. When asked what the target was for the day, Chris confirmed ‘Just to get round in one piece’.

Modesty aside, the team have been in training and their motivation is to support their local charity St Catherine’s Hospice.

Are rainbows like buses?

Now we recognise last month’s Bailmail was also a rainbow-tinted, sponsorship-hinting story. On that note, we’re delighted to report Stacy completed the challenge to support Rainbow House with her family. Thank you for your help with that one.

So, like buses another has come along in quick succession. This time it’s Rainbow Dust Colours and their fundraising to support St. Catherine’s Hospice.

If you can help, please just follow the Just Giving link.

The end of the rainbow

We’ve now reached the end of the rainbow, well rainbow-related stories… at least for the time being!

So if you’d like Bailprint to showcase your company and/or go the extra mile on your next print job, please contact us.

Best foot forward

Later this month, everyone’s favourite sales manager, Stacy Pickles, and her family are joining hundreds of people in the Rainbow House Ramble on Sat 23 Apr.  This annual event helps raise much-needed funds for their local charity Rainbow House.

Now in its 7th year, the sponsored ramble through the Lancashire countryside is a real Pickles family affair.

Stacy’s daughter Lauren, aged 12, encouraged her mum to join in last year.  This time round, Lauren’s dad Nick and younger brother Thomas, aged 10, are also taking part in the five mile ramble.

Lauren and Thomas have close links to Rainbow House through their school and Nick is a local business man with Tax Assist.

In between looking after Bailprint’s clients and her family, Stacy is limbering up for the day,

“We’re really looking forward to this fun family day out with a difference. It’s a chance for us to spend time together, keep fit and help support this amazing local charity!”

Keeping Mum

Apparently fancy dress is encouraged on the day with everything from butterflies and bumble bees, to a man who has promised to wear a tutu if he reaches his sponsorship target…

We’re not sure if the *tutu totin’ fella is Stacy’s husband, as Mrs P is keeping mum on the question of fancy dress.  But we are sure the Pickles Posse will dress suitably for the occasion!

About Rainbow House

Rainbow House offers rehabilitation, education and fun for children, young people and adults with neurological conditions such a cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke and MS.

They specialise in conductive education which teaches skills to empower the person to lead a more active and independent life. The aim is to help each individual achieve their full potential.

Rainbow House receives no statutory funding so is reliant on donations, grants and fund-raising activities. The annual Rainbow House Ramble is hugely important to this small local charity.

Your support

Needless to say, Stacy’s colleagues at Bailprint are doing their bit to support Rainbow House by sponsoring the family.

We’d like to encourage you to help too and spread the word if you can.


To sponsor Stacy please follow this link:

Please also share this with others to help raise funds for the essential work of Rainbow House.

Many thanks for your help.

If photos of Nick in a tutu are taken on the day, rest assured you’ll be the first to know! For reference, rainbow tutus are widely available.

Leading by example


This month, Bailprint blazed a trail by becoming the first company in the UK to invest in the next generation of label finishing technology.


The state-of-the-art H12 inspection machine brings a further level of quality control to Bailprint’s production of labels, flexible packaging and board.

This new technology is supplied by Swedish company Grafotronic, renowned for integrating high-tech innovation with robust, reliable heavy duty machines that are built to last.

Excellent tension control…

Following Bailprint’s major investment in the new Nilpeter FA-4* 8  colour press  earlier this year, founder and managing director, John Hayward (pictured above with Gabriele Gerbella (Grafotronic) in LabelandLabeling.com) was on a mission,

‘We were looking for a new very high specification machine that could handle all the materials we work with, from unsupported films to board, and I have to say Grafotronic impressed me with trials in excellent tension control throughout the machine and ease of operation.’

Proud and delighted

Proud and delighted to have Bailprint as their first UK customer, Grafotronic international sales manager, Gabriele Gerbella confirmed,

‘The new generation of inspection machines have been completely redesigned and updated with the latest technology in every single part of the machine.  It has been a long journey but we are very proud of the result and all the positive feedback we get from our customers.’

Relentless pursuit of excellence

Bailprint’s continuous pursuit of excellence is THE driving force for the company.  In the last 18 months alone, Bailprint has integrated the following technologies into its day to day operations, ensuring quality of product and service delivery is built in every step of the way:

Nilpeter FA-4* 8  colour press  A significant investment and an impressive piece of kit, designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality. It arrived on 9 huge pallets and took 5 engineers 7 days to install!

The X-rite Exact Spectrophotometer and Color IQC software The holy grail of printing, this kit measures solid ink density and spot colours in a way that guarantees 100% colour consistency when printed.

Full HD flexo; digital flexographic plates The only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available, this new print technology adds perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colours and supreme platemaking consistency.

Want to know more?

To find out how Bailprint’s new technologies can make a real and lasting difference for your next print job, contact Bailprint or give us a call.

Job done with Bailprint

As we all know, you’re only ever as good as your last job.

At Bailprint we take this approach to heart as we pull the stops out with every print run. What’s more, our clients know and expect us to do so.

In this month’s Bailmail edition, we celebrate this with a selection of quotes from our clients around the UK.

“Bailprint have demonstrated competitiveness, quality and responsiveness time and again – second to none.”
Adrian Cox, Wyke Farms

“With all aspects of working with Bailprint it has been superbly professional and efficient.  They have gone above and beyond to deliver when we had an emergency.”
Toby Gaynor, Murrays Fish

“….  a supplier who I can truly rely on. Bailprint are always happy to help and & always get the job done!”
Shaun, Walsh Mushrooms

“As a customer I would just like to take the time to say a few good things about Bailprint: Staff are always willing to help with last minute urgent orders if needed and are reliable and polite. They are very competitive on prices.”
Tracy Langton, Yearsleys

“Bailprint are very good at quick turnarounds when I need things last minute.”
Andy Dear, Univeg

“We have been working with Bailprint since 2010… The team is extremely helpful and friendly and we have always had a good service from order placement to delivery.”
Lucy Wiggins, Herbfresh

“Bailprint have always given a fast, reliable and competitive service in all the time we have used them.  I would, and have recommended them to other companies to use, and will continue to do so.”
John Mahan, Tithebarn Ltd

The latest from Bailprint

This is just a selection of snippets from our customers and, as you can tell, we’re immensely proud to share these with you.  More of our client feedback can be found in Bailprint client feedback, where you will also see our updated label showcase and more information on the overall Bailprint approach.

If you’ve any feedback on what we do and the way we do it, we’d love to hear from, so please get in touch.

New kit on the block

Meet the FA-4*

Bailprint stays ahead of the game with this advancement in printing technology, bringing an even higher level of service to our customers. Plus, we can now print your ‘booklet’ and ‘peel and reveal’ labels!

The FA-4* press is a significant investment and an impressive piece of kit, designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality. It arrived on 9 huge pallets and took 5 engineers 7 days to install.

So what difference will it make?

‘With the most up to date technology, the IT software on this press is superb. The guys have a tablet on the press which stores all the data from the job (anilox per colour, what stations colours were in, tensions set on press, running speed, material thickness etc). This means when we come to run the job again, the press auto sets to recorded data, ensuring the highest consistency of print standard. Not to mention speed and efficiency of job set up!’ Tony Whiston – Factory Manager

The science bit

The Nilpeter FA-4* press features ‘the shortest possible web path, easy-loading of tooling, and the Nilpeter CLEANINKING system. Combined with a new Nilpeter PowerLink control system, this enables the label and flexible packaging printer to achieve the leanest performance in today’s competitive market. Moreover, the press is prepared to meet the increasing, global trend towards short run jobs and small repeat lengths. The FA-4* tolerance standard and dot gain coverage are impeccable, making it the best choice for any quality conscious printer seeking to maintain the competitive advantage.’

Staying ahead of the game

As you know, Bailprinters tend to get excited about anything that brings our clients further benefits in quality, efficiency, peace of mind and cost effectiveness. Last year, we brought you news of Bailprint’s latest advancements with:

The X-rite Exact Spectrophotometer and Color IQC software The holy grail of printing, this kit measures solid ink density and spot colours in a way that guarantees 100% colour consistency when printed.

Full HD flexo; digital flexographic plates The only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available, this new print technology adds perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colours and supreme platemaking consistency.

Want to know more?

To find out how Bailprint’s new technologies can make a real and lasting difference for your next print job, contact Bailprint or give us a call.

Call Stacy on 01257 277070

And the winner is…

Did you win £100 cash or a bottle of champagne?

bailprint prize draw


Thanks to everyone who entered last month’s Bailprint prize draw.  The winners are…

HANNAH JOHNSON from Bradbury’s Cheese who wins £100 cash and ANNA BLEIKER from Bleiker’s Smokehouse who wins the champagne.

And for those still wondering, here are the answers!

1. Bailprint’s newest apprentice is Jason Gould and our first apprentice was Rick Kershaw
2. Bailprint’s Spectrophotometer ensures 100% colour consistency
3. Bailprint been supplying labels to Booths for 15 years

So, what’s next at Bailprint?

We’re as busy as ever in the run up to Christmas and we’ve recently installed a new piece of printing kit.  So, we look forward to telling you all about it in the New Year, along with with more insights and anecdotes from Bailprint and client spotlights along the way.

Until then, we wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

From everyone at Bailprint.

Win £100 or a bottle of fizz!

Welcome to this year’s Bailprint prize draw and the chance to win £100 or a bottle of fizz!

It’s so simple. Just take two minutes out of your busy day to enter this quick and easy prize draw. The £100 cash or bottle of champagne could be yours. Good luck!

It takes two minutes and a wee bit of luck

To celebrate the art of label printing, we enjoy shining the spotlight on our clients, our favourite labels and the Bailprint team. For your chance to win £100 or a bottle of champagne, simply revisit this year’s Bailmail archive and email us with the answers to the following three questions.

If you follow the links within each question you will find the answers…
1. What is the name of Bailprint’s newest apprentice?
 2. What does Bailprint’s state of the art Spectrophotometer ensure?
3. For how long has Bailprint been supplying labels to Booths?

Please email your answers by Tue 1 Dec to stacyP@bailprintlabels.com, giving us your full name.

We will announce the winners in the December Bailmail.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

For any further information about the prize draw, please read the Bailprint Prize Draw terms and conditions.