Like attracts like

like attracts like at bailprintMark McKee is son of John McKee and director of his father’s company JFM Plates.

His brother Matt is the main contact for Bailprint.  He, and the team, make doubly sure JFM supplies the repro and plates for countless label and packaging jobs each week.

Friends in business since 1993

If you know Bailprint you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Mark was still at school when his dad’s company first started working with Bailprint.  He remembers the name Bailprint from when he had his Saturday job working at JFM in the mid 1990s.

Bailprint remains one of JFM’s top five clients but, as Mark likes to put it, the relationship feels more like ‘friends in business,’ as opposed to just a demand and supply arrangement!

Since then Mark has grown up, as has the relationship between the two companies. The reason Bailprint and JFM work so well together is that they are both smaller businesses offering genuinely better levels of service, and much higher levels of technical ability than many larger businesses.

Mark believes the quality and ever-higher tech spec demanded by Bailprint has helped shape JFM’s progress and success as a key supplier over the years.

More than flexible!

In fact, it would be fair to say that it is the ‘push-pull’ of this working relationship that ensures both companies stay ahead of the field in terms of the ever-evolving print technology.

A great example of this is the recent move to full HD flexo; that’s digital flexographic plates to you and me!  Full HD Flexo ‘adds perfect ink laydown with the right solid density, vibrant brand colors, supreme platemaking consistency and is the only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available in industry.’

Down-to-earth value

Both Bailprint and JFM plates respect and value the importance of good service, at a good cost.  They share a down-to-earth approach where folk just ‘want to do a good job for each other’.

The technology has changed dramatically since John Hayward bought his two colour press and established Bailprint in 1993, but the company’s essential commitment to forging hard-working, down-to-earth relationships with its suppliers remains the same.

Bailprint’s reputation for quality and service is built upon relationships like this; the benefits of which are passed on to every Bailprint customer every day.

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