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JNH Logo - BailprintIn June, we were down South and all at sea with Murray’s Fresh Fish. This month, we’re closer to home and back down to earth.

Kate Sparkes is a third generation brassica farmer in Hesketh Bank, working 120 acres of reclaimed marshland bordered by the rivers Ribble and Douglas.


JNH and BoothsKate was born on the farm and her father James Nicholas Hornby, hence JNH, handed over the reins to his daughter a few years ago.

Today, JNH grows and supplies cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage to a range of retailers including Booths. Or, as Kate states it,

‘We plant, we grow, we keep an eye, we harvest, we label, we supply.’

Within a minute of talking to Kate, however, it’s clear that behind this modest statement lies generations and decades of knowledge, expertise and passion. There’s sophisticated science, research, seed trials and meticulous record keeping one minute, then she’s out on the land reacting to ‘four seasons in one day’ the next.

And, it’s not just about growing vegetables! For Kate and her team, farming is more than a job.  It’s a lifestyle deeply rooted in a commitment to ensure small scale farming stays on the map and at the forefront of quality food production and supply in UK.

JNH and Bailprint – a direct connection

Bailprint has been supplying labels to JNH for over 10 years and Kate has been working directly with us for the past 5 or 6 years. Kate enjoys this more direct connection with her label supplier,

Yes, it means I have more control over the quality and timing of our ‘ticket’ supply but I also prefer the face-to-face relationship. Bailprint is just half an hour away and, although we’re all busy people, I think it’s important to have that human contact. The Bailprint team takes care of us. Always helpful and friendly, they are refreshingly straightforward and down to earth.’

JNH and Bailprint - just the ticketJust the ticket

Interested in the reference to ‘tickets’ as opposed to labels?

To illustrate this lovely connection to the generations who have gone before, Kate kindly supplied these archive images from 1970s when her grandfather James William Hornby was at the helm.

The pictures show the way fresh produce was harvested and presented using simple wooden crates with the farmer’s ticket temporarily attached.


This is a far cry from the sophisticated digital design and print technology Bailprint uses today, but we love it!

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Contact Bailprint to discuss your label requirements or even your wooden crate and ticket supply! We are here to help and make life easier.

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