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Spitfire Heritage Gin label and BailprintLast month’s high-spirited Bailmail attracted a great response!

We were chuffed to share the news about Spitfire Heritage Gin which launched in May this year to great acclaim.

To help celebrate our successful working relationship with this trailblazing brand, we were also delighted to share a bottle or two of Spitfire Heritage Gin in a special Bailprint prize draw.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The two randomly selected winners are:

Shaun from Walsh Mushrooms
Chloe from Coombe Castle

The questions and answers

  1. in what decade did the Spitfire girls start to fly?
  2. name the Spitfire Heritage Gin pilot on the celebration bottle label 
  3. name one of the botanical ingredients in Spitfire heritage gin 
    Take you pick from… juniper, orange, almonds, borage, coriander, rosemary, star anise and rose petals

Spitfire Heritage Gin

Spitfire Heritage Gin, a beautiful and authentic 1930s botanical gin, celebrates the young lady pilots of the ATA who kept Britain’s airbases supplied with Spitfires, often dodging predatory German Messerschmitts in the process.  These women flew unarmed, in dangerous skies – and were known to carry a snifter of gin as part of their kit.

Spitfire Heritage Gin is available from Wine Rack stores nationwide and at

Cheers from the team at Bailprint!

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