Further pudding proof

country puddingsLast year, you may remember we talked about cake a lot.  More so than usual; it was Bailprint’s 21st birthday after all.  Well, now we want to talk puddings; Country Puddings to be precise.

We were lucky to catch Lynne Mallinson, Country Puddings’ MD when we called.  She was just in between making award-winning puddings and jumping aboard the forklift to shift the latest batch.


Lynne was then off to London; we presume not via aforementioned forklift.  This self-named ‘modern farmer’s wife’ is one busy lady!

Baked to perfection

Country Puddings ForkliftThe Country Puddings’ story began in November 2000 when Lynne started making traditional puddings from her farmhouse kitchen for the local farm shop in Penrith.

Several years (and awards) later, all Country Puddings are still hand-made with the finest ingredients, by a small team in the dedicated pudding kitchen.

The proof of the pudding can be seen in the Country Puddings’ Pudding Pledge

Above and beyond with Bailprint

Country Puddings has only been with Bailprint for 18 months, but Lynne has been very confident in the business relationship since the start.  But why is that?

The Country Puddings’ team were in a tight spot when they came to Bailprint; they needed to ‘jump the queue’ for a quick turnaround for Booths.  Deadlines were extreme but, in Lynne’s own words, ‘Bailprint went above and beyond what you would expect’ with a super quick delivery and competitive price.

So impressed was Lynne with ‘the whole system that just works’ that she moved the rest of her business across to Bailprint.

We love working with AND eating Country Puddings, doing whatever we can to support this fantastic success story!

Taste test

So for a taste of the best of Bailprint, why don’t you put us to the test with your next label job?  Contact us to discuss how we can take your label printing to the next level.

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