Delivering excellence with Yearsley

Yearsley Food logoThis month we shine the Bailprint client spotlight on Yearsley Food, a division of the award-winning, national frozen food wholesaler Yearsley Group.


With more than 30 years’ experience or ‘delivering excellence’, Yearsley Food is the largest UK supplier of frozen products to customers in all sectors of the marketplace including export.

Yearsley and BailprintYearsley and Bailprint

Bailprint has been supplying all the labels for Yearsley Food’s repack department since 2011.

We work with Gary Healy in Yearsley’s Frozen Food Buying Support team. The team supports the day-to-day operations and Bailprint’s job is to support Gary.

We understand that being able to count on a reliable label supply, including last minute requests, is essential. This is especially the case for a company working with such a huge scale of operations.

Gary and his team have so many priorities to juggle. Bailprint has one priority. We’re there to ensure Yearsley’s repack label supply is stress-free and seamless. And, according to Gary, Bailprint gets the job done,

“As a company and team, Bailprint have always been able to help with all requirements speedily. This helps when we get last minute projects for our customers. I can’t recall a single time they’ve let us down.”

Teamwork for the National Health Service

A key moment for the Yearsley Group and its repack department was the winning NHS contract to supply pre-portioned trayed vegetables. From the start, the product volumes grew massively.

Bailprint responded accordingly by switching from generic to full pre-printed label supply. This not only improved the quality of presentation for Yearsley, it made life easier logistically. The volumes supplied to NHS continue to increase.

No job too big, or too small

Whatever the scale of your business and label print supply, Bailprint is there to support you and your team. As you can see from our relationship with Yearsley and the many other clients we have showcased over the years within the Bailmail Archive, Bailprint enjoys responded to each and every label request.

Quality of label and service is always the priority at Bailprint. Contact us to discuss your next label or packaging print job.

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