Bailprint on a Plate

Life is full of serving suggestions!


Tasty combinations of food and drink tempt us at every turn, whether media advertising, in the supermarket or at a food fair.

So we thought we’d have some fun with our own Bailprint on a Plate selection.

By showcasing the range and quality of our food labelling, we hope to give you some food for thought when it comes to your next print job.


Here are just some Bailprint serving suggestions to whet your appetite including some highlights from our client profile spotlights…


Yorkshire Provender’s delicious selection of soups with its eye-catching and vibrantly coloured labelling ranges from Limited Edition Seasonal Asparagus Vichyssoise to Beetroot Soup with Horseradish and everything in between.

Main Courses

Whether it’s Bowland pork beef or lamb or you head out to sea for Murray’s Fresh Fish, your main course will have been labelled perfectly to reflect the quality of both brand and produce.

Choose from Booths award-winning grocers range, and the chances are Bailprint is the label printer of choice to help create an impact on the shelves.


First stop has to be Country Puddings luxury steamed puddings, crumbles and custards. Or there’s a fantastic selection of cheeses from Dewlay Cheesemakers of Garstang.

See these and other examples of Bailprint’s label printing in our Bailmail Archive >>

Perfecting the art of label printing

Whatever the scale of your business and label print supply, Bailprint is there to support you and your team. As you can see from our relationship with the many clients we have showcased over the years, Bailprint enjoys responding to each and every label request.

Quality of label and service is always the priority at Bailprint. Contact us to discuss your next label or packaging print job

Let’s Celebrate

For the third month running, there is something to celebrate at Bailprint and we hope you’ll join us.

Rob and Rick Bailprint

In March, we shared the news of client David Kierney’s amazing fundraising achievement training for the Great Manchester 10K.

Last month, we celebrated Bailprint’s impressive BRC accreditation.

This month, we pay tribute to two of our own team and celebrate the lasting impact of their life in print.

Celebrating 90 years’ experience

Between them, Rob Bridgeford and Rick Allan have notched up no less than 90 years’ experience working in the print industry. We’re delighted to confirm 34 of those 90 years have been with Bailprint.

Their decades of print wisdom and know-how have inspired and strengthened the Bailprint approach and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Bailprint founder and manager director, John Hayward, reflects on the contribution of his two colleagues and the wealth of experience and knowledge they have passed on,

“We’re take great pride not just in the team we have, but in the essential value of knowledge sharing. We look after our colleagues so they stay with us. In turn, we all benefit from invaluable inter-generational learning. With Rick and Rob, that benefit and value is immense and can be seen every day as their younger work mates follow in their footsteps. It’s great how they lead by example and inspire such technical confidence and pride in getting the job done.”

Rob and Rick are officially retiring this summer. In true Bailprint style, however, they will both be back from time to time with input to help shape our future training and production approach.

Rob and Rick  – a life in print

Rob started working in 1971 at a printers in Whitehaven.  He did once try a job outside the print industry but hated it, so returned to what he knows best. Rob has worked with Bailprint for 14 years.

Meanwhile, Rick started off as an apprentice printer many moons ago.  He gained experience in Flexographic and Wide Web printing before specialising in the technical and artistic side. Rick joined Bailprint some 20 years ago.

Rob had this to say about the changes he’s seen over the years and his time at Bailprint,

“There have been so many changes here at Bailprint from basic machines to ever more sophisticated machinery. Everything is a much higher spec these days and the consistency of quality we achieve is amazing. It’s been a fascinating industry to work in and I will miss the art of printing.”

Whereas Rick, known for his cheeky banter, simply had this to say,

“I’ll be thinking of you all whilst I’m sat on the beach.”

As you can imagine, we miss them already but we know they’ll be back from time to time.

Perfecting the art of label printing

Our mission in life is to find the latest ways of perfecting the art of label printing. Our keen overview of the industry and ambition to stay ahead means we are quick to identify and pursue the potential to innovate; whether extending product range and services, fine-tuning processes or investing in new technologies.

Call us today to discuss how we can help with your next label project.

The Bailprint Team



96% Yes really

BRC BailprintFor the 12th year in succession Bailprint has achieved accreditation at the highest possible BRC Global Standard grade.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first Packaging Standard in the world to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) benchmarking committee.

Bailprint was one of the first label makers to go for this global accreditation and this year’s average score of 96% customer satisfaction demonstrates our continued success in leading the field.

Customer satisfaction with Bailprint

In February this year we sent out 30 Bailprint customer satisfaction survey questionnaires as part of BRC accreditation process. The survey consists of 6 questions about quality and service standards.

The questions ranged from ‘Are you happy with quality standards maintained by the Company?’ and ’Are you satisfied with the Delivery Service both on-line and in full provided by the Company?’ to ‘Are you happy with the general working practices and operating procedures employed by the Company?’

The answers were graded 1 to 5, with 5 being very good, therefore a possible 30 points per customer. So out of a possible maximum 900 Bailprint achieved 867 points with an average of 28.9 out of 30 across our customers.

In addition to the grading, the survey also gave clients the opportunity to say what they think. We were delighted to read short and sweet comments like “Very good,” “Happy,” “All labels of a high standard” and other feedback such as the following from Michael Waldron at Direct Poultry:

“Bailprint make an excellent partner in support of our Retail Labelling requirements. They provide support for new projects for artwork creation & modifications. They also provide expert advice regarding product capabilities and, on occasion, suggest practical improvements for better utilisation of labelling materials.

“Bailprint have even visited our site to assist us with problems and technical support. The service and support levels over recent years has been of an excellent quality. Thank you for your ongoing help, support and patience with projects.”

Perfecting the art of label printing

Our mission in life is to find the latest ways of perfecting the art of label printing. Our keen overview of the industry and ambition to stay ahead means we are quick to identify and pursue the potential to innovate; whether extending product range and services, fine-tuning processes or investing in new technologies.

Call us today to discuss how we can help with your next label project.

The Bailprint Team

Striking the right note

At Bailprint we like to strike the right note. This ranges from striking the right balance of colour tones in your label print run, to delivering our friendly yet professional customer care.

This philosophy is also reflected in the monthly Bailmail newsletter, as we hopefully achieve a good balance between showcasing our clients, our team and the latest label printing technology.


This month, we’d like to focus on David Kearney pictured here striking the right note (literally) as he completes his 18 week prostate cancer chemo treatment at The Christie in Manchester.

David works for Booths and is Bailprint’s main contact as we supply their GNFR labelling (goods not for resale which includes packaging such as transit boxes, packaging and bags). We showcased Bailprint’s relationship with Booths back in 2015, so this time round it’s all about David!

Man on a mission

Alongside eight colleagues from Booths, David is running the Great Manchester 10K on 28 May. His mission is to help others look out for warning signs of prostate cancer and raise funds for The Christie, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres,

“My aim is to make younger men like me more aware of this disease and the symptoms it can display, it has to be talked about openly and for us men to stop sticking our heads in the sand! I am determined to fight this heinous disease and continue to work full time, with the support of my wonderful wife, sons, family, friends and amazing employers.”

David tells us more on his JustGiving page which includes a really useful checklist of symptoms to look out for.

Join us in supporting David and others

Team Bailprint is delighted to be supporting Team Booths by sponsoring and helping spread the word. It’s so easy to lend support, please visit and share David’s JustGiving Link so we can all do our bit.

Wishing David and his colleagues all the best with the 10K Great Manchester run.

The Bailprint Team

Delivering excellence with Yearsley

Yearsley Food logoThis month we shine the Bailprint client spotlight on Yearsley Food, a division of the award-winning, national frozen food wholesaler Yearsley Group.


With more than 30 years’ experience or ‘delivering excellence’, Yearsley Food is the largest UK supplier of frozen products to customers in all sectors of the marketplace including export.

Yearsley and BailprintYearsley and Bailprint

Bailprint has been supplying all the labels for Yearsley Food’s repack department since 2011.

We work with Gary Healy in Yearsley’s Frozen Food Buying Support team. The team supports the day-to-day operations and Bailprint’s job is to support Gary.

We understand that being able to count on a reliable label supply, including last minute requests, is essential. This is especially the case for a company working with such a huge scale of operations.

Gary and his team have so many priorities to juggle. Bailprint has one priority. We’re there to ensure Yearsley’s repack label supply is stress-free and seamless. And, according to Gary, Bailprint gets the job done,

“As a company and team, Bailprint have always been able to help with all requirements speedily. This helps when we get last minute projects for our customers. I can’t recall a single time they’ve let us down.”

Teamwork for the National Health Service

A key moment for the Yearsley Group and its repack department was the winning NHS contract to supply pre-portioned trayed vegetables. From the start, the product volumes grew massively.

Bailprint responded accordingly by switching from generic to full pre-printed label supply. This not only improved the quality of presentation for Yearsley, it made life easier logistically. The volumes supplied to NHS continue to increase.

No job too big, or too small

Whatever the scale of your business and label print supply, Bailprint is there to support you and your team. As you can see from our relationship with Yearsley and the many other clients we have showcased over the years within the Bailmail Archive, Bailprint enjoys responded to each and every label request.

Quality of label and service is always the priority at Bailprint. Contact us to discuss your next label or packaging print job.

And the winner is…

Did you win £100 cash or a bottle of champagne?

bailprint prize draw


Thanks to everyone who entered last month’s Bailprint prize draw.  The winners are…

GARY HEALEY from Yearsleys who wins £100 and STEVE CONNOLLY from Booths who wins the champagne.

And for those still wondering, here are the answers!

  1. Which iconic vintage aircraft was celebrated with the launch of a new gin in May 2016?  THE SPITFIRE
  3. Name any of the companies featured February’s Bailmail celebrating our legendary customer care CHOOSE BETWEEN WYKE FARMS, MURRAYS FISH, WALSH MUSHROOMS, YEARSLEYS, UNIVEG, HERBFRESH OR TITHEBARN LTD

So, what’s next at Bailprint?

2017 has got off to a flying start at Bailprint, so watch this space.  We look forward to sharing our news and insights along with more client spotlights over the months to come.

Wishing you all the best for 2017
The Bailprint team


Win £100 or a bottle of fizz!

Welcome to this year’s Bailprint prize draw and the chance to win £100 or a bottle of fizz!

It’s so simple. Just take two minutes out of your busy day to enter this quick and easy prize draw. The £100 cash or bottle of champagne could be yours. Good luck!

It takes two minutes and a wee bit of luck

To celebrate the art of label printing, we enjoy shining the spotlight on our clients, our favourite labels and the Bailprint team. For your chance to win £100 or a bottle of champagne, simply revisit this year’s Bailmail archive and email us with the answers to the following three questions.

If you follow the links within each question you will find the answers:

  1. Which iconic vintage aircraft was celebrated with the launch of a new gin in May 2016?
  2. In what way did Bailprint blaze a trail this year?
  3. Name any of the companies featured February’s Bailmail celebrating our legendary customer care

Please email your answers by Fri 23 Dec to, giving us your full name.

We will announce the winners in the January Bailmail.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

For any further information about the prize draw, please read the Bailprint Prize Draw terms and conditions.

Growing and leading by example

walsh mushrooms logo
If you like mushrooms, the chances are you’ve tasted a Walsh mushroom or two!

Founded in County Wexford, Ireland by Pat Walsh in 1979, Walsh Mushrooms has been a key supplier of top quality fresh mushrooms to all sectors of the UK market for almost forty years.

Today’s quality is tomorrow’s growth

From its UK headquarters in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestshire, Walsh Mushrooms provides daily cold chain distribution to retailers, food manufacturers and food service customers nationwide. Currently marketing over 500 tonnes of mushrooms per week (10% of the total UK mushroom market), customers include Co-op, ALDI, Pizza Hut and Ginsters to name a few.

Walsh Mushrooms employs 240 people, indirectly supports more than 1,000 other jobs and has a sound environmental policy at the heart of its approach. And, when not supplying mushrooms, the company supports local sports teams and charities.

Walsh Mushrooms and Bailprint

The Bailprint team works with Shaun Webb at Walsh Mushrooms. Shaun started off in the warehouse many years ago including quality control and sales. Nowadays his job is everything labels!

Working from a purpose built secure room, Shaun is a very busy man, looking after the day to day printing, bespoke labelling and finding label suppliers.  We’re very proud he had this to say about Bailprint,

‘When a company comes well recommended you know you’re on to a good thing! Bailprint provides a professional service with our label orders and has ‘bailed us out’ with some quick turnarounds. When our customer requires a label change or something new altogether within a tight time schedule, Bailprint has helped us fulfil our customers’ needs and that’s good news for all of us!

‘It’s also the little things that count, like receiving well-packaged labels in clearly marked boxes. It’s good to get reminders on upcoming print runs from the friendly and helpful sales team.’

A fan of fungi… and Bailmail!

After twenty or so years with Walsh Mushrooms, Shaun is still a fan of fungi. Their website features a great section on mushroom recipes and nutritional benefits and Shaun shared these quick and easy serving suggestions with us…

‘Large flat or chestnut mushrooms in a fry up; sliced closed cup mushrooms on a pizza; Portobello’s smothered with a cheese and bacon topping or baby buttons added to a thai style chicken and chilli soup. With the cold weather upon us, they are also a nice addition to a winter stew. You can’t go wrong with any of those dishes and mushrooms are one of your five a day too.’

We’re also delighted to report that Shaun is also a fan of our Bailmail newsletter,

‘The Bailmail newsletter is a particularly nice touch and a welcome read at breaktime. It’s also provided me with a couple of bottles of booze in the prize draw over the years!’

Showcase your company in the Bailmail newsletter

If you’d like Bailprint to showcase your company and/or help you with your next print job, please contact us.

Fit for the job

Join us in welcoming Lesley Lucey, the newest member of the Bailprint team.

Now in her third month at Bailprint, Lesley has well and truly settled into her role. She brings her 15 years of expertise to the team and is supporting Stacy and Debi with the essential sales and administration.


Lesley is from Bolton and, prior to joining the Bailprint team, she worked for Servicesport, a gym equipment supplier, based in the same business park as Bailprint’s HQ. Now the journey to work may be the same, but the job is a whole new ball game.

A whole new ball game

Lesley is relishing the opportunity to learn about the world of label printing and, with Bailprint’s commitment to quality and excellent customer care, we like to think she’s learning from the Best!

“It’s great working for a smaller company as I’m able to see all the different aspects of Bailprint’s approach and how together we are all working for the same goal. It also means I get to know everyone and I’ve been made to feel so welcome and part of the team. Most of all I really enjoy talking to clients and making sure we deliver the best possible job.”


Bailprint MD John Hayward is delighted to welcome Lesley to the team,

“Lesley has not just moved a few doors up for this job, she recognises Bailprint offers her great new opportunities to develop and broaden her skillset. She has very quickly become an essential team member.”

To discuss your next label job Contact Lesley and the Bailprint team today.

It’s six o’clock somewhere…

Spitfire Heritage Gin label and BailprintLast month’s high-spirited Bailmail attracted a great response!

We were chuffed to share the news about Spitfire Heritage Gin which launched in May this year to great acclaim.

To help celebrate our successful working relationship with this trailblazing brand, we were also delighted to share a bottle or two of Spitfire Heritage Gin in a special Bailprint prize draw.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The two randomly selected winners are:

Shaun from Walsh Mushrooms
Chloe from Coombe Castle

The questions and answers

  1. in what decade did the Spitfire girls start to fly?
  2. name the Spitfire Heritage Gin pilot on the celebration bottle label 
  3. name one of the botanical ingredients in Spitfire heritage gin 
    Take you pick from… juniper, orange, almonds, borage, coriander, rosemary, star anise and rose petals

Spitfire Heritage Gin

Spitfire Heritage Gin, a beautiful and authentic 1930s botanical gin, celebrates the young lady pilots of the ATA who kept Britain’s airbases supplied with Spitfires, often dodging predatory German Messerschmitts in the process.  These women flew unarmed, in dangerous skies – and were known to carry a snifter of gin as part of their kit.

Spitfire Heritage Gin is available from Wine Rack stores nationwide and at

Cheers from the team at Bailprint!